Fourteen Award-Winning Artists featured at Art & Frame in Myrtle Beach

3261 Waccamaw Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

(843) 236-4370

Featured Artists

Ivo Kerssemakers

His signature work consists of long-exposure photography, with an emphasis on clean, surrealistic, minimalist type imagery… Read more…


Edward Piechocki

Ed loves every aspect of the design industry, but the most exciting thing for him is to see idea sketches come to life… Read more…

Hank Pulkowski

Mostly self-taught as a watercolorist, Hank’s paintings have been juried into and appeared in numerous shows and exhibitions… Read more…

Sabine Baeckmann
Fine Art

“As a former medical illustrator, I strive to portray Nature’s beauty with creative excellence. The sea in all its glory is a favorite subject.”  Read more…

Peter Battaglioli

“Whether I’m using acrylic paint, colored pencil, graphite, or digital painting for the final version, my goal when rendering it is to keep the ridiculousness…”  Read more…

Phil & Deb Duwel

“Although I photograph sports, urban scenes, and people, my passion is capturing nature…” Read more…

Terry Monahan

“First Impressions are important. I always try to convey a message, mood and visual enjoyment to my images.”  Read more…

Tasha Cannaday
Mixed Media

“Tasha was born with a passion for design with diverse materials, as well as a knack for colors, shapes, and textures. Tasha filled her youth with Artistry; from …”  Read more…

Berni Sydow
Mixed Media


“For me, art just came naturally, just something I had to do. At my best, I am creating, looking at, collecting, reading about, and dreaming art…”  Read more…

CBaum Artist
Mixed Media

“I am a versatile artist blending several styles into my own including abstract, cubism, realism, and expressionism. My art is not just one-dimensional it’s multi-dimensional…”  Read more…

Jim O’Neil

“Living near the beach provides the opportunity to capture this beauty. I am Self-taught, with no formal training…”  Read more…

Ed Rana

Over the last ten years, Ed and his wife, Sally, have traveled most of the Country and western Canada for extended road trips through national and State parks shooting landscapes and nature.
Read more…