CBaum Artist

I am a versatile artist blending several styles into my own including abstract, cubism, realism, and expressionism. My art is not just one-dimensional it’s multi-dimensional. My artistic style describes the subject not just a single point of view but from an abstract point of view.

Throughout my artistic portfolio, I have demonstrated a mastery over bold color choices. Each palate and multi-layer reflects and captures a specific emotion and mood throughout each one of my art works. My technique is what makes my art so unique, intriguing and the results of geometric masterpiece. 

CBaum’s art collection is on display at Kingsberrie Fine Art, CBaum Art Studio Gallery and at Waccamaw Boulevard Gallery in Myrtle Beach. You can now purchase limited edition prints of her original artwork. Each one is hand signed and numbered in a series. View the artist work at her website

John Lennon
Johnny Depp
Gwen Stefani
Michael Jackson
At Waccamaw Boulevard Gallery