Lee Selinger

I was introduced to art at a very young age. My grandmother was a painter.  She tried to teach me to paint but that truly was not my calling. When I was 12 we were on a family trip to Big Cypress Florida. I can’t remember the name of the hotel we stayed at but what intrigued me was all the pictures they had hanging on the wall. Not color like I was use to seeing, but rather black and white. I looked in the corner of the picture and saw a name. Wow it was the photographers name out there for everyone to see his talent.  I wondered, could my name be there someday?

I was turning 13 and all I wanted was a camera. It as my lucky day as a present I received my first 35 millimeter camera. That was the beginning of a camera always hanging around my neck. I traveled a lot and found there were so many incredible visions in nature and landscapes. I love shooting in black and white even though many people still loved color black and white was what I enjoyed the most.

Fast forward to nine years ago, I was trying to keep up with all the new technology and switched from film to digital.
I am now able to shoot in color or back and white and infra red. The different media I have available for sale are canvas, metal, pro platinum and paper with 100 year old ink.

I hope you enjoy!

Shrimp Boats
Light House with Flowers
Light House on Rocks
Pawley's Island at Low Tide
Cove Light
Moon Risen over Pawley's
Staircase at Pawley's Island