Peter Battaglioli

My name is Peter Battaglioli. I use acrylic paint, gouache, airbrush, colored pencil, as well as digital painting to create satirical images of iconic personalities in popular American culture. Musicians, athletes, TV and movie stars, and politicians are favorite subjects. My art has been in several magazines and books and on the sets of a couple TV shows.

My process varies depending on the medium I’m using. Selecting the proper reference photos is critical. I will sometimes search for months or years before finding the right pictures of the person/s to work from. In the initial sketch, I’m trying to take the most recognizable, unique properties of the subject, then exaggerate them as much as possible to a humorous effect, without losing the likeness. 

Whether I’m using acrylic paint, colored pencil, graphite, or digital painting for the final version, my goal when rendering it is to keep the ridiculousness, but also give it the shading and detail needed to create an illusion of reality. 

The images take anywhere from 5-10 hours to upwards of 50 hours or more, done over many weeks, to create. I love it when people react intensely to my art, either with laughter, or just asking how the heck did I do that?! That’s the best. I currently live in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my wife and 10 year old daughter, who is also an aspiring artist.

The Rolling Stones
John Lee
Buddy Guy
BB King