Phil & Deb Duwel


Although I photograph sports, urban scenes, and people, my passion is capturing nature, be it the egret feeding its young or the sun splashing its last rays over a backwater coastal bay.  Also noteworthy is a developing portfolio of harbor scenes especially those involving shrimp trawlers.  

When taking and subsequently post processing the image, I strive to capture  mood  –of the day, of the scene, of the action,   to create an impact and place all into the finished art.  Note the word “finished”.  That is how I became interested in printing.  I print all and frame most of my work.  This process helps me establish the ‘mood’ desired, fun but frustrating at times.


Deb Duwel has ties to photography that span here entire life.  She is firmly established as a Fine Art Nature Photographer and her work is taken from her extensive travel around the world.  Her vision can be described as “fresh with an eclectic twist while spanning an emotional depth that will leave the viewer speechless!”

When Deb describes her work she states:  “I look at photography as a means of creating memories – taking me back to a time and place that brought smiles and sometimes evoking other emotions important to me and hopefully you as well.  So come along for the ride…you won’t be disappointed.”  She continues that her art form may instill the awesomeness of a beautiful sunset, or perhaps the turbulent seas reminding one of the forces greater than ourselves, to the delicate petals of a flower fluttering in the breeze, and is limited only by her imagination.