Tasha Cannaday

Tasha was born with a passion for design with diverse materials, as well as a knack for colors, shapes, and textures. Tasha filled her youth with Artistry; from designing her schoolbook-covers to organizing and decorating local events. Living in Switzerland, after 9th grade she apprenticed in an Atelier as an Haute Couture Seamstress, receiving her degree three years later.

Tasha then studied with renowned Tattoo Artist in Europe to become a Tattoo Artist. For seven years she owned and operated two successful Tattoo Studios in Switzerland. Photography and Art continuously fascinated Tasha, she organized photo shoots from A to Z. Tasha did some freelance modeling for several companies and combined modeling with organizing photo shoots for clients. Hands on advertisement campaigns, with models, location design, props, costumes, hair, and make-up were her specialty. Some events Tasha did for fun, and others for business.

Now, NDC Photo and Artistry LLC has become her focus. Through the lens or reaching for a medium to work with, Tasha has brought to life her visions and dreams of being a successful Photographer and artist

Tree of Life
Time Flies
Tell Your Story
Octapuses Hug
Love Life
Current Motion
Atlantic Tales
Queen of the Sea